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Update Log: 14th Jun 2019 | Posted by Jigsaw on 06.14

Hi My-People! We're here to let you know there's some new things coming up which will make your experience much better.

  • Added NPCs Talk Delay (to avoid D\Cs).
  • Added GM Scrolls NPC at @fm.
  • Removed unnecessary items duplicates.
  • Added a new map: @haunt / @grounds - Maple Leaves haunting grounds which you can trade for some new suprises.


  • Fixed @rank.
  • Fixed items PickUP.

More changes coming up:

  • BossPQ is disabled temporarily for fixing some minor issues and better rewards.
  • Working on New NPC's.
  • Working on Marriage System.


Please report any bugs or glitches that occur after this patch at the Bug Report section. In addition, new ideas are always welcome in the Suggestions section.

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